Linkage Briize is a Singer/ Songwriter with origins from Uganda, and now based out of Minneapolis Minnesota, USA. He is working on two albums concurrently. The first one "Ndoto" with more of an AfroBeat African rhythm feel, and "Dukes Up" with more of an RnB, Pop, Hip Hop feel. Both albums will feature artists with different styles and from different genres, both locally and internationally.

 He recently released his first Afrobeat single "Rosie" on March 21st, 2015 off his Ndoto album, and also released his fourth single "Lord Help Me" on April 3rd, 2015 off his "Dukes Up album.

His ability to fuse RnB, Pop, Hip Hop, Reggae and African rhythms, sets him apart from his peers, and has helped him rise through the ranks to become a favorite with a fan base across different genres in the world.

Apart from his singing career, Linkage Briize is a businessman with an artist management, and film production company, both of which he is the CEO/Owner.

His first single "Party All Night" Ft. Envy was released in November of 2013, followed by his second "Check Ft. Vafa Kaamil, released in March, 2014 followed by his third called "Dukes Up" released later in 2014. With a fan base that spans the globe, he has performed in big cities, states and countries like London, Chicago, Wisconsin, Philadelphia, New York and indeed his hometown Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Born in a small country in East Africa called Uganda, the American dream was something Linkage Briize always read about, heard about, and even dreamt about. The second of 9 kids, and oldest of the four boys in his family, he knew that making it was the only choice he had, it was the only way he could help his struggling parents and family. Success was a must, NOT a choice.

Through a very loving American family, Linkage Briize was given the opportunity to move to the United States to pursue his education. The aspiring singer/songwriter took a break from music to concentrate on his studies. Though he took a break from it the singer never lost the fire to make music.

The turning point came when the singer helped put together a concert in Minneapolis for his longtime friend, and popular international rapper from Uganda, GNL Zamba, who was on tour in the United States in 2013. This reignited the fire and love for music within him. It didn’t take long before he decided to find and link up with some local artists in Minneapolis and started recording and gigging.

When talking about some of the people that influenced his music, he adds, “I listen to all music, but mostly draw my inspiration from great artists like Michael Jackson, John Legend, Bob Marley, Justin Timberlake, Akon, Rascal Flatts to name a few, but most interestingly, Justin Bieber.” Not forgetting his roots the singer also draws huge inspiration and motivation from artists like Jose Chameleon, an international recording artist from his home country of Uganda, that have in his own words, “worked hard and helped pave the way for many of us.”

In the end the young singer says, “I’m just like the boy next door, I have a dream, and I’m going after it”