Linkage Briize (born Ian Oundo) is a Ugandan/American R&B Singer/Songwriter, currently working on his debut album to be released in July. The album will feature several artists and promises to be exciting.

His second single "Check" debuted on March 14th, and has been well received by his fans across the world.

His debut single "Party All Night" was released on November 23rd, 2013, and continues to enjoy great reviews and his fans are asking for more.

The American dream was something Linkage Briize always read about, heard about, and even dreamt about. When given the opportunity to chase that dream, that’s exactly what he did.

Moving to the United States to pursue his education, the singer/songwriter took a break from music.  His turning point came when he helped put together a concert for his longtime friend, GNL Zamba, a rapper on tour in the United States.  Shortly after, he linked up with some local artists in Minneapolis and picked up from where he had left off.

Linkage had no idea how it would all turn out but his aspiration was to make music, and inspire others.  His ability to fuse different styles and genres which range from reggae, R&B, pop and house music promises to help him reach and gain a sizable and wider audience across the world.

When talking about some of the people that influenced his music, he adds, “I draw inspiration from great artists like Michael Jackson, Marvin Gay, John Legend, Bob Marley, Justin Timberlake to name a few and most interestingly, Justin Bieber.” Not forgetting his roots, he also draws huge inspiration and motivation from African artists like Akon, Jose Chameleon, and Wyre, that have in his own words, “worked hard and helped pave the way for many of us.”

With his second single "Check" now out, LB promises nothing but the best he has to offer.