Linkage Briize is a Singer/ Songwriter based in Minneapolis Minnesota, USA. With his debut album scheduled to be released summer of 2016, Linkage Briize has been in the studio working tirelessly to bring out his best work yet. The Ugandan born artist is excited about his latest project, and can't wait to share it with his fans.

The singer recently released his latest single "Coz I Got It", which will also be featured on his upcoming debut album. 

Linkage Briize has also released an Afrobeat single "Rosie" back in March 21st, 2015, as well as several RnB, Pop, and Hip Hop songs which include, "Lord Help Me, Party All Night, Dukes Up, and Check". All of which have performed really well. 

Coming off a successful US tour in 2015, Linkage Briize is scheduled for his second tour this summer, which will see him visit several US states, Canada, The UK, and Africa.

His ability to fuse RnB, Pop, Hip Hop, Reggae and African rhythms, sets him apart from his peers, and has helped him rise through the ranks to become a favorite with a fan base across different genres all around the world. 

Apart from his singing career, Linkage Briize is a businessman with an artist development and management company, and a film production company. 

When he's not in the studio, Linkage Briize devotes his time to helping others through charitable events, volunteering, spend time with his family, and play his favorite sport "soccer".